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We’d Like to Welcome Maki to the 7ajidude Family and what better way than to share their ongoing success with our dear Readers! :


Each year Kuwait witnesses a much awaited culinary festival called Horeca. Organized by the forward-thinking Leaders Group, this gastronomic trade event took on an elevated level this year. The venue features exhibitions, F&B supplier booths, seminars, and cooking demonstrations. With over 50 participating companies, and thousands of visitors, one of the main events, nevertheless, is the cooking competition. One hundred and fifty chef participants from different restaurant establishments partake in an extremely challenging creative cooking competition which is judged by some of the best experts in the F&B industry.



Led by group executive head chef, Louis Kenji Huang, Maki Chefs went up against some of the best in the business in the long-anticipated Live sushi creation competition. Chefs Louis, Ranjan, and Jaya went on to dazzle the audience and judges with their sushi making skills. Incorporating different complex techniques and multiple, sophisticated ingredient layers, Chef Louis Kenji Huang of Maki earned a gold medal for best live sushi creation and display. Chefs Jaya and Ranjan collected the silver and bronze medals for the same competition, thus registering a Maki “sweep”! In the live “cooking from the basket” event Chef Louis, assisted by skillful Chef Pathirana earned a bronze medal. Very well deserving of the next prize, Chef Louis and staff used the most advanced hygiene methods which have long been applied inside Maki’s kitchens, thus reaping the prestigious Boeker award of “best food hygiene and safety”, in both the “live sushi competition” and the “live cooking from the basket” competition. It is noteworthy to mention that among the 150 competitors, Boecker only offered four awards, two of which were deservedly claimed by Maki Chefs.

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It is also worthwhile to mention that considering a highly elevated, competitive atmosphere, Maki’s Chefs, who were celebrating “ten years of magical cuisine”, went into the competition with more in sight than just “awards”. Maki Chefs’ aspirations were to contribute to the local culinary culture, entertain show visitors and judges, and set the bar higher for next year’s event in terms of creativity, taste, and hygiene. Until next year, Maki’s Chefs will continue to work hard, and come up with yet more tantalizing, delicious, elegant creations.


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