A Land line without restrictions!

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Ever wanted to have a landline, but also want to have it portable and not want to bear the cost of using  a mobile phone + have internet?


Mada now have a new ISDN service which they gave us to try out. 

Its pretty cool, especially for small businesses, that want both the portability of working at home and yet have their business lines with them where they go. However cost wise it might be a little too expensive (i’ll have a price breakdown below).  In my area in Egaila I got around 8 Mbps of internet speed and a crisp phone line audio. 

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  1. كنت ماجذ من عندهم بو 10 ميجا بس عمره ما وصل الخمسه ميجا بس كان يمشي الحال
    توني خذيت من عندهم الي حده 2 ميجا سيء للغاية و بطيء يعني اشتراك زين بو سبع دنانير لما تتخلص السعه اسرع منه
    كلمت الكول سنتر علشان اشوف حل اسوي ابرجيد ولا ارده
    جوابهم راحت عليك ماكو شي تقدر تسويه
    عن نفسي بعد هالصدمه من هالشركة حتى بو 10 ميجا اذا انتهى ما راح اجدده

  2. Dear all

    It’s really the worst customer service I ever saw, not to mention the speed which never reach 2 mb in al zahra, despite their false claims, they didn’t dare to come and test it themselves, this is going on for 6 months and same lame excuses.

    1. Post

      That’s quite unfortunate. Would you like to describe your issue further so that we can forward it for someone at Mada ? Have you tried having the device right next to a window, different rooms? Wimax is a little different than GSM you have to look for the best location and the best signal. One of my friends has it in AlAdan and in order for him to get a good signal he’s put it on the roof of his house and connected through cable to another access point in another part of the house. Have you tried LTE by any chance?

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