How to report Copyright infringement with Google

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If you’ve read our previous post, then you’ll understand that we are NOT OK with plagiarism, and we don’t like it when someone takes credit for someone else’s hardwork.


I’m also happy to see that some of our other blogger friends were not happy with this and stood with us in out opinion:

* OwlOlive

* Blog37

 Therefore for those of you who have content that was was infringed or copied without your consent here’s a how-to report to Google.


1. Go to the Report Abuse section in Google Blogger (or other).

2. After reading the terms Click on “Click Here To Report Abuse” Link.

3. Select Copyright/Piracy issues.

4. Click on Continue:

5. Select Blogger/Blogspot

6. Select Options as shown above and Continue if you wish to proceed.

7. Fill out the online notice, by clicking on the “this form” button i highlighted above.

Then you’ll have a form to fill up ensure that you add all the data and send it away. I don’t believe anyone should do this without mentioning the source, just to drive traffic to their website out of content that is not theirs!

I’m happy to see that the blog was removed, and I only hope that no one does the same in the future!

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    I was browsing his so called blog this morning, its filled to the brim with posts from bloggers I know! Shay ‘3air ma3qool, I thought awal shay maybe he was acting as an aggregator but there was, absolutely no where, a mention of those blogs he borrowed from!

    This should be a lesson to all “copy cats” out there. Hal ayam la 7aya wala mesta7a. Awal ygoloon la tboog la tkhaf, now 9arat boog welle y7acheek 3a6ah elsan o haz2ah 3aini 3ainik.


  2. Dear 7ajidude,

    I’m highly apologized for copying your HARDWORK without adding your source,your website name..I will not repeat in the future.

    I’m really very sorry for evrything.

    Please Forgive Me

    Thanking you

    1. Post

      Dear HalaKuwait,
      I’m sure you meant no harm, the easy way of copying and pasting is not the right way. You will be driving traffic in no time but its all false traffic and has no reference to your material. We always help and support new bloggers and if you do need help I’m sure many people would help.
      A lot of our fellow bloggers are also upset about you copying their content and you perhaps should contact them too.

      1. I want to apologize to all the bloggers(Buz Fairy,248AM,Chikapappi,BananaQ8,Z-District,7ajiDude,Q8Path,360 Dewan) for COPYING their Posts without mentioning source (website name).

        Please accept my apology.

        Thanking all

  3. LOOoOoL- is he freakin serious!? I’m sorry – nah, your just pathetic. Good job Dudette,
    Name and shame 🙂

    1. Post

      I think the best way would be to talk to them direclty, it might work, I see the link you posted has been removed. ?

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