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Its been a couple of months now since I bought my Airfryer and I only wonder why I haven’t bought it earlier! I don’t really know how to cook anything, or prepare anything to eat that had to be cooked. i can barbecue great but sometimes I just don’t feel like stepping outside and BBQing ;/ . A recommendation for the Airfryer came when I posted if I should buy the Actifry from Tefal, thanks god some of our dear readers suggested the Philips air fryer.


Easy to use?

For someone who has never cooked anything before in his life, its one of the best things to have in the kitchen after a refrigerator.  You need to know what temperature you should cook the food in (most say it on the carton/package) and the other thing you need to know how much time you need to set it for , which can be done by looking at the small table that comes with the machine (I have mine magnitized on the fridge).  I.e. two things – Temperature and Time! + A timer


Easy To Clean ?

The one thing people generally hate about cooking is the clean up afterwords. For the air fryer its simple, after it cools, put it in the dishwasher. Start the dishwasher, and go eat that meal in front of the tv :p


Portion Size:

The only major downfall of this is the portion size, if I have the space i’d buy 2. One to prepare the fries and onion rings and the other one to prepare the food, so that they would both finish at the same time.  The amount of food you can prepare depends on the size of the meat/food itself. E.g. small hamburgers (up to 5-6 at once, using the small seperator too). With Fries, up to 500 grams which is enough for a group of 4-5 people. With Chiken Tikka its enough for a group of 2-3 (500 Grams)  people with each getting at least 6 pieces. I would probably end up buying another one just so that I can prepare portions at once, and not wait 15 mins till one is ready to prepare the other one.


 What I cooked with it ?

Chikken Tikka, Shish Tawooq, Meat Tikka, Kabab, Hamburgers, Chiken Burgers , onion rings. (most of these i bought from the coop, meat tikka was fresh from the butcher and was as good as barbecuing), and ofcourse fries, its great to experiment on, especially that the cleanup is fast.




Who should have it ?

Anyone and everyone, if you are willing to spend 20 minutes preparing and eating your own food instead of ordering take aways all the time, if you are willing to give your children healthier less-oiled up foods then this is for you. Only downside for a large family is that the amount of food you can cook is limited but its perfect for a family of 4-5.


How much oil I added when frying with it?

NON at all! Most of the stuff you buy comes pre-cooked and in oven cooking you seldom have to add additional oil! With burgers, shish tawooq and fries I never added any oil to my cooking, if it was to be fried conventionally i can only imagine the amount of oil that the food would be in!


Downsides ?

1. You have to shake the food so that the heat gets distributed evenly in between the cooking (I do it every 5-6 mins).

2. The limited portion size that you can cook at any given time is a little small.

Bottom line : YOU SHOULD GET ONE – Its worth it!

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  1. Good review, convinced me for a little 😛

    I would recommend Tefal’s actifry. I had to compare the two carefully, I was drawn to philips because the air fryer looks so good. I love how they market it “Make a delicious crispy fries oil free*!” If you read the manual that oil free is a lie. It tells you “*dip the fries in oil for 60 seconds before putting it in the airfryer” Now that pissed me off! because if I do so it wouldn’t be any different than an oven!

    “if I should buy the Actifry from Tefal, thanks god some of our dear readers suggested the Philips air fryer.”

    Allow me to persuade you why Tefal is not as bad as you may think. You get a spoon with the actifry, you fill the spoon with oil, spread it around the actifry where ur onion rings/fries/tikka chicken are and let it spin, your done!

    Anyways u don’t need actifry now that you have a philips airfryer. Not all oils are bad for you! like olive oils, you may think “too much fat!” it has a lot of monounsaturated and some poly fats which are good for you. apply it to your meat/chicken! You can add some cheese too! Eating fat with protein is okay. Eating fat with carbs will (fries cooked with oil etc)

    3al baraka on being self-dependent! 😛 not alot of kuwaiti’s y3arfon shghelhom bl ma6bakh, we are few!

    But now try to do some basic eggs in the morning. Maybe pasta later 😛

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      I totally wouldn’t mind buying the actifry only I have no more space on the kitchen according to some reviews the tefal would break up the food when the rotation occurs.. akeed it depends on the type of food but that’s anadvantage for me coz with the airfryer I have to shake the tray every once in a while.. With the burgers frozen fries tikka and chicken shish 6awook I haven’t used any oil I actually bought some when I bought it but the safety seal is still there. Its nice for experimenting and especially if u live in a small household. Thanks for your comment; )

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  2. I just bought mine last night. I added two chicken breasts, turned the knob to 10 minutes. 3 minutes later the damn thing stopped working. I tried everything. I even tried to reason with but with no luck:( el7imdillah I have taken the 3 years extended warranty offered by X-cite. If anybody faced a similar issue please do share.

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