Online Store in Kuwait Selling Fake Products!

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I was happy to see this offer of the Mophie Juice Pack Plus on one of the online daily deals site in Kuwait:


So the only thing to do was order it straight away. Only to find out later when i got home that the product was a fake and wasn’t the original mophie!

The quality was alot cheaper, the cover wouldn’t stay on the phone and was loose, the color of the yellow mophie was dull and looked nothing like the product photo online, the switch of the battery pack also looked a little too cheap to be true.

The nice thing is that when I called them up, they responded very politely and suggested that they did not hear from anyone that it was a fake and I was the first one to call back and that they would send a courier to pick it up and issue a refund.


While i was searching online, i found this article which shows how to spot a fake mophie:


Do compare what you see on that site to the photos below! Again as a reminder, the main thing that really showed was the poor build quality, the dull color and the packaging of the device (especially the letters under the battery pack)

These are photos of the product i received:

[shashin type=”photo” id=”11647,11648,11649,11650,11651,11652,11653,11661,11660,11659,11658,11657,11656,11655,11664,11665,11666,11667,11669,11673,11672,11671,11670,11674″ size=”small” columns=”3″ order=”user” position=”center” crop=”y”]


Counterfeits are becoming very hard to identify, I would be ok to buy it at that price if they told me its not the original and its a copy (it only makes sense since it was 50% the price of the original), but i would never  accept to take a product that was sold to me as the original when it was a fake! I do urge anyone that buys a product and finds out its a fake to return it no matter how cheap it was to buy. Sellers Beware, this is the age of the internet.


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      I always buy from them! The only thing is that they don’t import the items and they deal with other distributors in Kuwait they’re kind of like the middle man. Its was just this once that i received a fake item. Anyway I do think they should also have actual shots of the item and not something from the internet! They usually provide their videos which show the quality of the products. This time however it wasn’t there. + Their service is 100% user friendly and I’d like to thank them for their cooperation, I wasn’t happy with the item and they straight away told me we can refund you.

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      It works, but i’d rather pay 15 more and get the original than using it as a paper weight in a couple of weeks! + I wouldn’t have bought it if it wasn’t the original one. I care about the quality of the product, the cheap plastic felling and i don’t really get along well.

  1. WHAT!!!!
    oh my god 🙁 i have the same one from them! shame shame shame 🙁 thought it is real walla 🙁

    thanks for the post i will update my post now.

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  3. Hey Dude
    My Name is Ali and im the owner of To be honest with you, I’m shocked knowing that the product is fake. It’s completely against our policy and believes. I really apologize for this Misunderstanding and misrepresenting For the information about the product.
    We are welling to completely refund customers Who already bought This Item.
    And again Sorry for this incidence, we will make sure that it will not happen again. Hope you understand and appreciate the situation

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      Dear Ali,
      i’d like to thank you for your cooperation and continuous support. Im actually a loyal customer and love the deals on your site. It was quite hard to spot and differentiate between fake and originals, but you know you can find everything online these days..

      Again thank you for your cooperation and great customer support.

  4. Sure Dude, Thank you for spotting the difference. It really feels bad For us to sell fake products and for customer to find out that their product is Fake. Anyways, i would have to confirm with the supplier tomorrow that the product is fake or not although you have showed the difference 🙂

  5. I was one of the Victims of (COUNTERFEIT) Mophie Juice Pack Plus. and you are correct. The battery was damaged after less than 10 times charging. best is to purchase from website or trusted source

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      They gave a refund to those who called back after our post! Sorry u missed it. U might be able to call them up and try maybe ?

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