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RIM (Research In Motion) invited many kuwaiti Bloggers to attend a exclusive blogger’s event where they shared some of future news and updates. We were then taken through the new features and additions in the  BlackBerry OS 7.1 Software Update by Mr. Mohammed Al-Mefleh, Director of Product Management, Services and Platforms, RIM Middle East.


What’s new with BB OS 7.1 ?

  •  Blackberry Tag : A feature that allows users to simply Tap to transfer data between devices, Mr. Mohammed Also explained that they have distributed API’s to allow other handset developers to create applications that will use the tapping features and show’ed how in the future businesses will be able to benefit from that technology.

  • Wifi Hotspot: Mr. AlMefleh, also discussed the future capabilty of the software to provide a wifi hotspot option, which was somthing really desired by Blackberry Users for a long time!


  • FM Radio: Both BlackBerry Curve 9380 and 9360 will be able to tune in to enjoy FM radio on their handsets.
  • Support for BBM 6.1 in addition to supporting animated avators, a number of new emoticons and support to customize conversation bubbles in different colors.


BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 :

Yes, OS 2.0. for the same BB playbook that you have, Mr. AlMefleh discussed blackberry’s concern to maintain the value of products purchased by customers, and that was by ensuring that they maintained and updated the software options, and added a a number of features to the existing device, increasing its reliability, performance, usability and most importantly flexibility. This flexibility would be seen in the new unified inbox, multi-tasking within email, rich text emails and an inbox management tool as well as the main outline discussed in the presentation :


Supporting Android Applications:  The new OS 2.0’s AppWorld will  include an area set to download Android applications, similar to using an android device, or tablet, where you would go to the AppWorld look in the tab for andriod Apps, and start downloading immediately.


What we asked :

1. When will the OS 7.1 Become available ? 

Depending on the acceptance and the differnt pre-launch factors involved we should be able to expect OS 7.1 around April 2012.


2. Is a 3G enabled Playbook in the Roadmap this year ? 

We should expect a 3G version of the Playbook after the 2nd quarter of this year.


Thank you

In the end, we’d like to thank RIM for giving us this opportunity to sit and discuss future products and services with them, as well as to their transparency on future products especially with the information being fresh for blogger and not just a repetition of whats on the tech news sites.






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      Your welcome, we had a great time, the setup was beautiful and different for Kuwait, it felt we were in a talk show hehe and out of the ordinary Great Job!

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