The Godfather of Social Media

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Who is Gary Vay.ner,chuck?

Well putting it simply, he is the key to utilizing social media tools effectively, both personally and financially!



Author of the best selling book “Crush It” and “Thank you economy”

Gary talks about how he utilized social media tools to boost his father’s Wine business as well as creating is own Vlog (Video Bog) with everything regarding wineries. He also explains his tools and how he uses them and why you have to get up and use social media tools with your business, or use it to share your thoughts or create an  online community to share experience and views on any matter you might think of!

Check out his interview on CNN:


A video you have to see :




Bloggers , people who want to create a blog ,  focus on V-logging , People who created or is creating their own small business  but are hesitant to , “CRUSH IT” is your book, you can get his CRUSH IT on Amazon. We want to see some Crushing successful blogs and business here in Kuwait , we have alot of amazing talents but unfortunately they don’t know which way to go, this is a good start!:)


Gary.. How about you send us a couple of links to your best videos! I’m sure bloggers here in Kuwait are going to appreciate it!





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