Tutorial – Win 7: Get rid of those Arabic setup menus on your computer!

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Ever wondered how you can make those menu’s on your computer that appear in Arabic or any other language, appear in English? Especially those to do with the graphics cards setup and application setup that are shown when you start setting up a new device or softeware! Well, here’s the solution:


NB: Please save all your work as the process will ask you to restart your computer near the end!


1. Go to the “Control Panel” –> Usually By Clicking on Start –> Control Panel

2. Go to Regional and Language Settings, by clicking on “Region and Language”

3. Click on “Administrative”

4. Click on “Change System Locale”

5. Select the language of your preference! –> In My case I changed it from Arabic (Kuwait) to English (United States)

6. Restart at theĀ prompt.

7. Check out some of the apps that had arabic menus, in myu case the graphics card menu was in Arabic, after the restart it is now in English like it should be.

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