Building a Mosque at the price of 65 fils a day!

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For 65 fils per day you can contribute in building a mosque that can fit up to 2000 people, this one has started to be built and you can still join in to ensure that you get the ajer!


I only wish that all telecoms can provide this service, a lot of people would love to participate!  I’d like to thank Sheikh Meshari AlKharraz for his great SMS messages every day when your subscribed to these services. Sometimes you do need to be remembered some of the great stuff that he both sends on Voice MMS and Text Messages.

For more information about this service check out the following link from Zain’s VAS site!

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      I totally agree.. I only hope it would be available across all the Telcoms, it would be great for everyone to pitch in. It costs you no more than 2 KD a month and you get the ajer + all the cool SMS messages from Sheikh Meshari 😀

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