Viva Kuwait Officially Launches Iphone 4

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Offers ? Let me tell you! Its been a while since we’ve seen something like this in the market. Now its really worth buying an iPhone – FROM VIVA!

Starting tomorrow you’ll be able to buy Iphones from Viva for as low as 69.99 KWD!!! (when you subscribe to their 25 KWD premium package).  NB: I didn’t believe what i saw, i had to read it twice just to comprehend what I was seeing!

The iPhone thats’ provided is the real deal, and not an import from other Asian countries and sold here ! Full arabic docs came with the un-boxed device.


Now about the event :

Viva had its’ first social media event held at Chocolate & macaron in the Avenues Phase II, Great people, Great venue and great food.

We had a chance to meet other bloggers in Kuwait (Mark from 248am, p0Ach, Kuwait Black Market, 360 Dewan, HisHersq8, Q8dewaniya, bananaQ8 –sorry if i forgot anyone) which was pretty cool, Its the first time i personally attended a Social media event usually one of my colleagues does, from now on i’ll make sure i go 😛 I loved the way people in Viva met and greeted us, felt like i knew most of the people there but it was actually my first time to meet most of them!

Points that were discussed :

  • Viva launches Iphone 4 (officially from Apple) tomorrow throughout all its branches
  • Staff are trained to handle queries regarding iPhone devices
  • Handsets will be pre-configured, meaning Viva Customers won’t need to configure MMS and GPRS or voicemail settings for their new iphones.
  • Devices are not carrier locked and can be used with any carrier in Kuwait or Abroad.
  • Viva promises to be the first in Kuwait in providing  future iPhone launches.


I Thank you Viva for your great gift!

Viva GREAT JOB with the Launch and once again you win the race! – Keep it up and good luck with your Future Endavours!

P.S  Thank You Caffeinated for taking the pictures 😉

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  1. I love what they are doing with the iPhone by launching it officially from Apple I might even transfer completely over to them when the new iPhone 5 comes out because their premium 25KD package is insanely awesome!

  2. What a Rip-Off .. u call Kd 25 a month a good deal !! They can give you the handset free when they have suckered you into this type of contract.
    Bloggers got a free Iphone at the launch and no guessing why the praises are flying.
    This offer is good value on the 16 or 32 Gb entry level … not on the others !

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      AR Compared to what’s available in the Kuwaiti market today and to buy an Official iPhone from a carrier (not a grey market device or small shop) I would say it worth it.. How about you summarize some of the prices you see in today’s market if you’re calling this a rip-off give us examples and prices of other companies in Kuwait providing you with an “official iphone”. Yes they gave us an iphone as a gift, the praises are flying because they did a GREAT job! Beautiful event, the CEO was there to meet the bloggers and launch the product, the venue, the people. You will see a lot of praises and Viva deserve it. They were first, and in today’s market being first is everything!

  3. I would have been too lazy to go! LoooL! I think most of the major telcos gave up on my blog! I think I poke holes at them all the time!

    But honestly its really good that they are officially launching it with a decent package! I wonder what the minutes and data packages are!

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      Hey Marzouq, thanks for passing by, If you look at the third picture above you’ll c a list of the prices they currently offer, as well as their different rates and minutes..

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      I checked facetime, it works fine on wifi, not sure about the visual voicemail though.. Viva have their menu setup there too to check balance and all..

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