Windows Explorer 9 – Seems promising!

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At last i might just as well get back to use windows internet explorer, I’ve been using google chrome for as long as it was out, i loved the speed, the addons and everything google. IE8 was so heavy, slow and killed your PC due to taking so much resources. However, i’m pleased to say, after i installed it and restarted my PC I didn’t quite antisipate much, but i was mistaking!

1. Everything seems faster, the loading time, the browsing, the searching, how the tabs are, the semi-full screen browsing mode (loved this!).

2. It made me forget how much I hated IE8 and get over it pretty fast 😀

I’m going to extensively test it and use only this browser for a week and get back to you! Will be glad to hear your comments on it too!.


Check out these links to download IE9 in your default language :

Check out some interesting videos on IE9 here:

And Here:

A Note to microsoft :  If you want your launched product to gain popularity after the failure from IE8,  you could utilize the social media channels more effectively! I ahd a hard time loking for a video on youtube for the IE9 product vids, there’s no “tell people about it”, were’ in 2011 and you’re not utilizing the fact that people listen to other people, especially when it comes to getting a better experience on a product and service. Beleive me it would be a lot easier if we can just forward an youtube link around on facebook and it would make a great impact!

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