Bye Bye Aramex, MyUS Borderlinx, Hello Amazon Global

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I’ve been using mail forwarders since 2003, starting with Aramex, then Borderlinx and settled with using MyUs in the end (which i’m still using), however Amazon now have entered that market and are allowing global shipments at very good rates. What would usually cost at least $45 at myUS to ship Kuwait is according to Amazon global going to cost a mere $18.18.


Here’s an example of something I was thinking of getting:

Huawei watch from Amazon + shipment

As you can see, it states $18.18 shipping and import fee deposit (which you will get refunded if was less than the estimate) to kuwait.

When I took the item dimensions and used the MyUs calculator :

My US for 0.29

With MyUs the minimum shipping cost to Kuwait was $ 38.86 thats excluding the customs fees which you have to pay.

In order for you to ship to Kuwait, you have to add and select to ship to the Kuwaiti Address in your amazon shipping address book.

Time to try Amazon Global Shipping. I’ll update you when I receive a shipment from them, perhaps i’ll try something cheaper first hehehe..


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