The ML400 – The Perfect Daily Driver

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Just before ramadan I had the chance of trying out the new ML400 with the twin-turbo V6 that powered it just as well as a V8.

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With the exterior you can notice smoother lines, beautiful chrome accents and an aggressive front end with DRLs that give the car that extra hint of aggressiveness in the morning.

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You can feel that the ML is quite spacious, the exterior dimensions are just about right for an SUV, its not too wide or too narrow and was a pleasure to drive.

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The rear of the car and the lines in the back lights were modernistic, and the hint of chrome on the front and rear ends is just enough for you to feel its not just a carry on from the previous models.

I was amazed by the amount of technology in the car, the all angle camera, the driver awareness system the nice ambient LED lights at night, and the AC was soo cold I had to turn it down often! Its one of the best AC’s I’ve tried in an SUV. It also had a cooled/heated cup holders which was pretty cool, it couldn’t really cool a beverage but was able to maintain the temperature longer.

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The interior of the ML400 makes you feel at everything was in place and everything is there, with both comfort and styling. The wood accents looked beautiful, the double sun-roof was a great plus and let in quite a lot of light in the morning, the boot space was spacious and was able to fit two large passenger bags without any trouble. The overhead display, dials and center console was easy to get to and always within reach or a button away. The back seats had ample legroom, and the seats were quite comfortable and spacious.

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For me the ML400 was a great daily driver vehicle, I would’ve like more aggressive sounds from the engine to match the great engine performance (I thought it was too quite). On the road and stability wize it handled more like a sedan than and SUV it felt very stable on the road, it was easy to take turns at high speeds and not once did I feel threatened by the fact that I was driving an SUV, I felt quite in control. Fuel economy was also a plus (with the bi-turbo v6), good performance + good AC + good fuel economy, what else can we ask for!

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For more photographs from the ML’s photoshoot, check out the following album :

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