#KuwaitMile – Kuwait’s Local Official Drag Racing Scene

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#KuwaitMile took place last weekend, both Friday and Saturday, with over 300 racers participating in different categories, including stock and modified vehicles, both 6 and 8 cylinders.

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I was only able to attend the race on Friday, overall I would say it was very well organised, the Kuwaiti crowd isn’t easy to control or satisfy in every way, they wouldn’t take enough safety precautions, and would complain about safety and at the same time sit on the concrete road barriers being the first to get hurt in case of an incident. Unfortunately day one has seen 2 accidents, but there were no injuries. A lot of lessons learned, and the setup was changed for the second day which witnessed no accidents.

The road isn’t really for drag racing, it was slippery for stock cars, for modified vehicles it was all about the driver’s control.

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Overall I would like to thank the organizers, there are areas of improvement, but each year is witnessing an improvement over the previous year, I only wish we would learn from the mistakes, and maybe by next year we would have a track in Kuwait.

I’ve taken over 1000 shots in the event for those looking for their photographs for Friday, i’ve shot all the racers after the first Corvette Accident until the end of the day and I would send a link of the photograph via whatsapp and take requests via instagram in @its965

So, either post your requests in the comments section here, or through the instagram photo via DM.


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