The Modbook Pro X- Every Designer’s Dream ?

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The Mod Book Pro X, stated as a kickstarter project with the aim of building some of the best Touch-Based Macbook Pro Tablets out there.

This video from Kickstarter will showcase what they have to offer :

With Regards to pricing, you can Mod your existing MBP or purchase a full system from ModBook Pro Inc’s online store. The prices are not cheap, but for what you are paying for its absolutely worth it and beats any other tablet out there  + its a full on computer and not a tablet that you will then connect to your computer which in my opinion makes it a whole lot worthwhile.



They also have Windows variants and pledge they have the most powerful Windows based tablet as well :



In my point of view 4GB’s of RAM for windows PCs is absolutely not enough, especially if running the latest operating system (Windows 8), however it would be quite interesting.

They also carry some different accessories for the ModBook including a doc, digitiser pen and different storage solutions to beef up the existing storage. I would definitely love to try the Macbook Pro variant, as in my opinion the Mac OSx is more conservative regarding battery life and provides better machine performance at the same physical architecture.

Here is one of the video reviews I have found online :



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