The 2014 Chevrolet Impala LTZ

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Last week I had a chance to try out the new Chevrolet Impala LTZ, amazingly comfortable and spacious sedan, its got everything you would want in a sedan and more!

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Very stylish and modern exterior, with beautiful chrome accents and dual rear exhausts, giving the car a luxurious appeal.

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The interior of the car is as stylish and even more impressive than the exterior, I found quite some cool additions to the Impala I wish are available on other cars! The seating was very comfortable, air-cooled seats in a car with leather interior is a must in our weather and it does feel cooler when you switch it on!

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The Impala LTZ I had was a full option model, and was equipped with a panoramic roof, mylink entertainment system,Bose surround sound (with 11 Speakers), Xenon headlamps, ambient lighting, lane assist, blind side indicators, Tire Pressure monitoring, rear view camera and collision warning as well as remote starting and push button ignition. Amazing set of option, its really taken chevrolets to a whole new level in terms of technology in a car. It also had a valet mode which would lock out the stereo, storage compartment and mylink system and can only be accessed if a password was entered.


The added features in this car also included a 240V 150 Watt outlet, which you can use to power up a laptop charger, or other electronic appliances in the back area, especially useful if you had a driver and were sitting in the back area, which is completely spacious even when the front seats aren’t pushed to the front a lot. It also contains 3 USB ports (2 in the center storage and 1 in the overhead unit under the stereo system, as well as a SD card slot and CD Rom Drive slot. It also comes with 3 Lighter sockets, 1 in the front, one in the center storage compartment and on in the back next to the power outlet.

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The trunk was very spacious, I couldn’t believe how big it was as from the outside it doesn’t look that big!

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The car is powered by a 3.6L  V6, which produces 305 BHP at 6800 RPM, has an electrical power steering with variable assist, and cruise control and command buttons on the steering wheel, fuel consumption was quite good, you don’t feel the car is underpowered which was very impressive for its size compared to its engine size,  it has a 70 litre tank (similar to my FJ cruiser) but spent way much less fuel than I usually do, especially when I have a lot of places to go in the weekend.

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Overall the car was quite impressive and great drive, very smooth and comfortable, the AC was cool and suitable for our environment (As good as my FJ if not better) the Xenon headlamps and overall lighting of the car at night was very very nice, I didn’t have it for long therefore I didn’t manage to shoot it at night. If you’re interested in buying a sedan I would definitely go out and take it for a test drive!

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For more information on the Chevrolet Impala LTZ :

Instagram: @AlghanimAuto  Website: Chevrolet Arabia or call: +965 1881111

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