Dude is officially moving out to @ITs965

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Its been a nice long journey for me and 7ajidude, and I guess the time has come for me to part into my own blog.. It’ll be more oriented towards technology, gadgets, learning and cars. 7ajidude will still be managed by Dudette and 7aji.

It was quite challenging thinking of a blog name and I finally chose the name Its965.com, its a very difficult decision for me to start from scratch, but i’ll still be around sharing my content with you guys and I hope I can get your support and readership in the new blog as well.

The design of its965 is currently in the beta stage, i’m currently waiting for my new theme thats being built, so please bare with me with the simple theme I currently have on its965.

If you’d like to follow me and check out my new blog here are the details :


Website : www.its965.com

Twitter : @its965

Instagram : @its965


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