The Mercedes Benz A250 Sport

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 A picture is worth a thousand words and this car just gives you the impression that innovation is just beginning ! Mercedes Benz Scrapped out their older design of the previous A class and built an amazing masterpiece. A car I loved driving and really enjoyed ! Never felt like running errands was boring or hectic and I can go on and on and drive a full day without getting bored!

End of the line? Would I recommend it ? hell ya! Although not as quiet as the C250 Coupe or C250, it was so fun to drive, it’s really a drivers car, I kept the window open a little just so i can hear the blow off valve from the turbo hehe. If I can buy a spare car to my Fj cruiser I wouldn’t hesitate, I might consider the A45 which is a completely different animal, but for daily driving its an enjoyable ride, very comfortable and safe to drive and is a completely different experience to other cars. If you’re looking for a small hatchback I would definitely recommend the A250, starts from around 11,000 KWD, i’d recommend you go and get it for a test drive! If you decide to buy it, go for the Panoramic roof, it will make it a lot more enjoyable since its like taking the roof off the car as it spans half of the roof! BTW the AC is really cool and I compare the AC to a Toyota FJ cruiser, and it does keep the car pretty cold inside had to turn it down a couple of times.

For more information check their website here. Or Contact Mercedes Benz Kuwait : 1833-111 Instagram: @MercedesBenzKWT

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