How to get an International Driver’s license in Kuwait

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I’ve recently traveled to the United States, and as you might know depending solely on taxis might be very very expensive. I currently have the older Kuwait licence which I heard conflicting arguments on whether it is valid in the United States, so i passed by to get the international drivers license just in case.

Instead of reinventing the wheel i decided to look online and found a great post from mark at  248am, although a little old, the information is still valid today.

All you need is a new personal photograph and a valid Kuwaiti Licence. 1. Go to the Kuwait International Automobile Club Co. located in Shuwaikh just before Sultan Center on the forth RR. Simply turn right and right, continue about 800 mtrs and you will find the place on your left. There is adequate parking and very little congestion if you go in the afternoon.

Here’s the location:

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1. Go to the location of the Kuwait International Automobile Club Co. (they have a couple of locations in Kuwait).

2. Get the form from the counter and fill up all the details (you have to fill up your details in ENGLISH ONLY).


3. Submit your form and photograph as well as the license/copy of the license to the guy at the counter.

4. Pay the fees (10 for a year, 18 for 2 years, 24 for 3 years). (not 100% sure on the prices)

In 10 minutes time you will have your international driver’s license.

I’ll be adding the photo of the Intl driving licence I acquired, but I have a very limited computer as i only took my netbook along and I need to modify/blur out some of the personal information. 


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