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I’ve been to a couple of Dentists over the past years, thanks god, I don’t really have major issues, but mainly for scaling and checkups + tooth extractions (normal teeth Servicing :P). For New Smile Dental Spa, upped the game when looking for a dentist, I actually liked the atmosphere so much I actually decided then and there that now was a good time for a checkup and scaling.

Just stepping of the elevator and Entering the first floor for New Smile Dental Spa takes you into another world and switches your mind into a relaxed and easy mood and makes you forget where you’re actually heading (the dentist).


An electric/motored piano plays in the background setting the mood for the floor, with speakers everywhere playing soft and cozy tunes. Quite relaxing when your both waiting for your turn to come or while waiting under the Zoom machine whitening your teeth.

The whole atmosphere, colors and decor where wisely chosen and give a sense of calm atmosphere, but in the same time makes you feel you’re in quite a shiik place.

The view in the waiting areas overlook the sea and in the other side of the waiting area you have this huge fish tank.

In one corner of the waiting area is the children’s area, where children can watch TV, draw / read. I believe adding Ipads and dentist games would be a nice touch to that area.


Here’s an overview of the waiting area, calm colors with beatiful decorations very comfortable seats and the temperature is just right, its not too cold or warm. Some clinics i’ve visited will make you freeze while waiting for a doctor, but this was just right with the aroma of scented oils burning away.

Then we went in to see the actual clinics and whether they looked as good as the waiting area outside, again, nice modern designs, with calm light coming in from the window, also spacious and contains a sofa for when you bring that person along that will shoot 10000 photos of your mouth wide open.

All the seats are leather, comfortable but really depend on how long you will be sitting. Doesn’t really matter because you’ll be in for a massage treatment afterwords to relax all those tense back and neck muscles.

Next was the children’s clinic, thematic hand painted walls, of today’s childrens superheros and cartoon characters, will make it easier for you to distract your children from what is really going on 😛

Great color contrasts, and two screens where your kids will watch TV/cartoons.

Its not only superheros, the seven dwarfs, and little mermaid and cinderella also have a place on that wall.

Here was another clinic, where I performed the whitening procedure using their Zoom machine.

This was another clinic :

One of the nicest clinics in the New Smile Dental Spa and a great sea view for when you come to your morning appointment.

This was the last clinic we’ve been in, just to prove to you that each room in there would put you in a different mood and environment.


Finally a thank you to Dr. Jozeph, who performed my scaling procedure, very light hands and superb results. Usually after scaling the back of the teeth become so sharp and annoying, Dr. Joseph polished the teeth making them smooth and non-irritating, would definately recommend him, he also was very patient, I took a lot of breaks in between because my jaw would tense up and start hurting, so that’s another + for me!

 After the procedure, I was escorted to another clinic, where I was given 3D glasses connected to an iPod and played some relaxing video/music and the spa treatment began, head, shoulders, neck and back massage, finishing with the arms. Gave me a good feeling and sense of relaxation, after all the tension from the scaling procedure. Although it was 15 mins, really helped me relax and go on normally and energetic with the remainder of the day. 

For more information on all their services check out the following :


Instagram :@newsmiledental

Twitter : @NewSmileDental

Telephone: 25710333

They are located in Salmyia – Amro Ibn AlAas Street (Restaurants Road)  – Right Behind AlSeif Hospital
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