To Buy or Not to Buy – Pioneer AVH-8450BT

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I’ve been using a JVC Audio/Video Car receiver on my FJ cruiser for quite some time now, in the end I removed it and re-installed the factory head unit due to the poor quality of sound that the JVC produced. 


The JVC Unit I Removed


The Factory FJammer

Now after a couple of months, i’m thinking of getting a new screen, but i’m not sure if they would produce as good quality sound as the original FJammer. This is due to the fact that the original setup in the FJ comes with a rear Base speaker that needs some power, with the JVC cranking up the volume would produce sound-loss due to the fact that it’s not powerful enough. 

What do you think? To buy or not to buy? They sell it here for around 220 + 20 KD for the cable.. Still thinking.. Do you have any other recommendations?


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      I actually changed the front speakers to pioneer 4 way speakers, higher sound output but they needed higher power from the head unit. The other downside of the JVC is that it froze every once in a while and needed a full reset :/ did you get that with the Alpine?

      1. The freezing is a different issue but the lack of power you will face with all head units. Majority of head units output like 40w or less. If your front speakers are 100w RMS then the head unit would have trouble powering them. You need to get an amp.

        Both the JVC you posted and the Pioneer output MAX 50w a channel which means around 20-25w RMS. That’s most likely a lot less than you need to power your front speakers.

        None of the Alpine head units I’ve owned (I’ve owned 3 so far, 1 single din and 2 double din) have ever frozen and required a restart.

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