Apple Ads not so creative anymore?

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Seriously iPhoto?

This one.. hmm maybe ok..

Basically for this one it’s not that good :

So What are your thoughts???


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  1. And what would be creative in your opinion nowadays?

    Would you call Quality Net’s ad creative when it doesn’t showcase anything about the product? Would you talk about Fast Telco’s as being creative when it still doesn’t put their products in the forefront of the ad?

    I find those ads are good enough for the apple name, they lack the hilarity of the “I’m a Mac and I’m a PC” campaign but at least they showcase some of the features of what makes a Mac a Mac.

    1. Post

      Unofortunately with macs, they only thing they can talk about is their retina screen (in terms of hardware). I like their software but in a couple of years a lot of people will start migrating to Windows 8. It will have some of those out-of-the-box apps found in the Mac OSx. I’m a mac and i’m a pc ads were nice and new, these ads are a little cheesy for my liking. But its only my opinion.

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