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A couple of weeks back we were given a tour of the Scientific Center when we were invited  to watch the Documentary “Space Junk”, the last time I went to the aquarium was in 2002, quite a long time back. Unfortunately for me i felt like the aquarium is still the same, there were no additions to it or expansions, this was due to the unfortunate lack of funding the Center is facing. Although The Scientific Center’s aquarium was the first in the region, the sad fact is like everything else in Kuwait, We were only first more than 10 years ago and now its outdated and very small compared to whats’ in Dubai (The Dubai Mall’s Aquarium).

I’ll leave you with some of the photo’s i’ve taken:

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  1. I feel for those little guys! They need more space and a major expansion! You are we might be the first but never improve upon it!

    Its such a nice place, but I heard it looks sad now after going to it so many years ago!

  2. Good morning and مبارك عليكم الشهر 🙂
    Thank you for your honest post. We try as hard as we could to improve on our facilities and provide new exhibits. As you mentioned in your post that we have a problem with funds. We have been at the point for the past 3 years where are not generating enough income to cover our expenses. Also, the structure of the Aquarium prevents it from being expanded and we have to work with what we have. We did a major addition in 2009 when we removed the alligators and replaced them with the penguins. We also added the interactive touch screens at the end of the same year.
    We have plans for expanding since 2003, but our request kept getting rejected year after year. We wanted to have a “Dolphinarium” that would’ve been the 2nd in the world at that time to allow you to swim with the dolphins but the bureaucracy in Kuwait killed that. And now, instead of 2 major expansion projects, we had to settle to combining them both in one project taking only 40% of the space we wanted for the 2 projects.
    Another thing we suffer from, is the lack of support we receive from companies. Its expensive to bring IMAX films and Discovery Place exhibits (which I will talk about in the next post) and local companies refuse to partner with us by sponsoring our events and activities.
    Regardless of all that, we work very hard at maintaining the level of service and unique atmosphere that is expected from us since we opened in 2000 🙂

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