Hands Pizza, new Italian Pizza in Town

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I’m not 100% sure how long they’ve been open in Kuwait, but they are the latest in terms of Italian pizza (i think hehe). I was at Discovery Mall with my wife and son, when we decided to go grab something to eat.Hands Pizza was one of the new restaurants that I haven’t tried before, so i decided to go to them and  I tried “The Mix Pizza” which contained nearly everything and it came with a free Mozzarella cheese cone.

Here’s what the meal looked like, smelled very yummy and fresh :

The mozzarella cone  pizza :

The verdict : It was quite nice, a change from the Pizza places we got here in Kuwait. For me the only downside was that the sausages in the Pizza were TOOoooo salty for my liking, the cheese was just right, the vegetables looked and tasted very fresh and the pizza was very very light on the tummy and not so greasy at all !


And the good news is (as it says on the box), it’ll be opening soon in Sharq Co-op.



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      LOL.. yeah that’s what their packaging says hehe.. I was a good pizza, thin crust, don’t know about Italian but was good overall hehe..

  1. I read son, and had to double check to see that it was Dude and not 7aji or Dudette writting LOL! But looks like a great pizza place.

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      Lol .. haha it was a very light pizza tastes and feels healthy, of course it accompanied my McRoyl from McDonalds hehehe just in case..

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