The Breakfast Club, A World of Breakfast – Literally!

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I can’t wait till these guys have their doors opened to serve us that delicious breakfast that they served us as a demo a couple of days ago. The breakfast Club is a concept breakfast place that serves breakfast choices from different parts of the world. I.e. You don’t just get a taste of American breakfast, but they’ve got everything covered, Italian, Moroccan, Kuwaiti.. the list goes on! This is what the place looks like (its a little small, but once the food comes, it’ll take a big place in your heart :P)

[shashin type=”photo” id=”6354,6355″ size=”small” columns=”2″ order=”user” position=”center”]

Here’s what i had when I tried them out :

Started off with some hot chocolate, but it wasn’t your average hot chocolate, it had mint leaves, some berries and marshmallows – it was very distinctive in taste, it was nice, especially with that cool morning breeze!

Next they presented their breakfast Risotto topped with bacon and infused with eggs.

Next was their frittata, a combination of egg omelet, cheese and potato and their special sauce.

By now I was almost 100% full, but i couldn’t resist their last demo item :

Their triple layer, chocolate n strawberry topped, honey filled pancakes. — yummyy :’/


[shashin type=”photo” id=”6359,6367,6365,6356,6355,6363,6354,6360,6368″ size=”small” columns=”3″ order=”user” position=”center”]


The Breakfast club is located in Al Fintas area, Road 209, the first “right” in front of Safir Hotel, behind “Crumbs Sweets” (The same building). Its open from 5AM to 3PM, for more information or directions call them at 23900470.


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  1. i live close but never noticed it !

    looks great will definitely try it this weekend en sha2allah,,

    do they have sandwiches i can take away before college ?? ;p

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