Dragon – New Japanese Cuisine!

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The official Opening of this great restaurant is tomorrow, i took my wife along to the soft opening and i can tell you it wont be my last time going that’s for sure!


Located in Jabriya in the same line as Challenge and Mazaya on he forth ring road and you can see it clearly when you’re on the 4th ring road.


We were welcomed by the restaraunts owner Mr. Sadeq Merafi, which also had a nice and embarrising surprise for me at the end of our dining ecperience 😛


This is what the interior looked like, it somehow felt very cozy and relaxing, perfect for taking your family or friends for a quiet night out.


Now the Food :


We started off  with some very refreshing drinks


Then came the salads, one with crab and salmon and the other one vegetables and avocado.



The first thing we tried after the salads were Crab and Shrimp (really tasted great  -one of my favorites!)



Here are some of the main dishes we tried :



Guess you’re all hungry by now huh 😛 Here are some more of the great dishes we tasted !


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      for me it was an 8.5 ! it was delicious, not weird on the stomach and very light. It kinda gave me the healthy feeling afterwords 😛

  1. Glad you enjoyed 😉 a Double cheese burger without ketchup with big mac sauce topped with a candle is a perfect gift on November 15 I guess ;P Bil3afya!

    Ps the twitter account is: @TheDragon_Kwt

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  2. i was gna head over there yesterday with a couple of friends..but we went to meli melo instead..luckily we didn’t cuz i had no idea the opening was today! bs inshallah this place is def. on my to-do list (including froobie and taco bell lol).

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