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I have an unfortunate problem with one of the agencies here in Kuwait (Toyota). You see before i bought my car (FJ Cruiser) I checked with them about servicing my car with them, and they said well, if you are importing your car from abroad, you can service it in the agency as long as your number plates remain from the country of origin.

Why i didn’t buy my car from the Kuwait Agency?

Simply when I wanted my car, it wasn’t available ! There was a black one and a blue one, and I wasn’t really into those colors, and when I said ok i’ll take the blue one, they said it was a mistake and it was already reserved and the black one was sold. I said ok, here’s 4000 KD (just sold my other car) book me a yellow one! I’ll wait but i need to know when it will arrive. What they said? No. We cannot book a car if there’s nothing showing up in the computer, and now we are totally not sure when it will arrive, and if that color will be available.

Where I got my car from?

I got it from the Toyota Agency in Khafji, full gulf specs, with more options than the Kuwaiti Agency, and nearly the same price (due to the additional options).

What happened next ?

The first 2 services I did in Kuwait, and then the agency, decided somehow to ban servicing any imported cars! This can only happen in Kuwait, I don’t know how you can ban servicing or issuing providing a customer service! Especially if its the only authorized Toyota service center in Kuwait!!

Toyota Japan ?

i emailed toyota Japan, had to send several emails to get it to the right person, however they said Toyota Kuwait will solve your issue. I was contacted by a guy in Kuwait, went to his office, his solution was another garage to service my car which was not an authorized toyota service center!


My Question..

Is it legal for Agencies to BAN servicing imported cars especially if they are the only “authorized” ones in the country? I need a legal answer.. seriously any help will be highly appreciated.


What I Currently Do?

Every 1.5 months I have to go to Khafji to take my FJ for an oil change, so that I do not loose my warranty, sometimes I think its’ not worth it.. But it is, you never know whats going to happen, I know its a toyota, and I can service it anywhere and it’ll still run, but having a valid warranty is mandatory for me especially on a new car.


Possible Solutions for this problem (All out of my hand):

1. Toyota Kuwait to allow servicing of imported cars by :

– Taking an initial fee (which is what most agencies in Kuwait do)

– Only allow minor servicing (i.e. 5000 Km oil changes)

– Charge Extra money from the service which i’m sure a lot are willing to pay instead of driving to khafji.

– Just allowing imported cars that have a full service history!

These are possible scenarios from the top of my head, i’m sure there are other possible solutions.. But seriously is it legal for them to BAN servicing imported cars, and why do they ban servicing – I love Toyota, if there was one here I would’ve bought it from them but unfortunately in my case there wasn’t. I have to live with it i guess.


Did Any one face this issue ? Any Solutions ? Any Thoughts?


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  1. This is really a joke that everybody knows and nobody is doing anything to stop it. Most of Kuwaits dealer have no ethics or morality. Its already bad enough as we live in an unfair monopolistic market. 7emayat el mostahlic are quite, donno why. How can they have the right not to service a car!!??? i F*&%ing dont get it. I personally think that they dont have the right.

    If you want to innisiate a movement against them, am with you all the way. I dont own a toyota, and will hopefully never buy one from them bass for the good of all Kuwaitis. I think people should go to sa7at el erada and complain about the tojjar and taking advantage of consumers instead of screaming like babies for more money.

    feeny 7achy wayed 😛 keep sending Toyota i think.

  2. I don’t think they have the right not to service your car. and I suggest you see how many people have the same case. be a group. then talk to Toyota Japan when you’re ready that you’re not satisfied.

    Don’t do it alone.

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      I tried Toyota japan, I don’t wont to really make a big deal out if it.. Im sure a lot of people have an issue. my only prb was why did they say I can service it initially and now somehow opur cars are not servicable in the only authorized service center in Kuwait. As a garage I love how they service cars i’ve tried them twice they’re quick and they have the ability to serve many customers at once.

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      I dunno.. I need more support I wont be abke to do anything alone.. as they told me last time. Toyota kuwait would have a solution and apparantly their solution was to go to another garage, and thus vioding your warranty which isnt a feasible solution for me..

  3. My previous car was a Volkswagen Touareg brought from Germany with special additional options , i used to take to Al-Ghanim Service in Shawikh ( Before the VW dealership was moved to Behbhani ) and i never had any problem with them, i dont even remember paying any fees or charges to open an acount with them. 2 years ago i bought an AUDI from Bahrain, and i’ve been taking to the Audi dearlship regularly without any problem .

    i think the problem is the Kuwait Agency , i’ve heard alot negative reviews about them and how they treat their customers .

    i think you should keep taking your car to Khafji so you dont loose your warranty .

    P.s am surprised the toyota Japan didnt do anything about it. i emailed Audi HQ 2 months ago about a problem , i got a phone call from their servie manager 2 days later and now they’re treating me faily ” which i was asking for “.

  4. unfortunately for u, if u go to the service center in shuwaikh opposite centerpoint, ull find they have a letter anouncing they refuse to service cars from abroad. why? ur guess is as good as mine. good luck.

  5. بيع عودك واشتر اشويت حلاوات

    الله يعينك بس صراحه ترى خدمة تيوتا مو اللي خبرك

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      وااله جربتهم,, ما كانو سيئين و كانوا سريعين.. انا بس اللي ابي اخلوني ابدل دهن و فلتر و اختمونلي على دفتر الصيانة.. مابي ميجور سيرفس ابي لو بس السيرفس العادي على الاقل

  6. hmmmmm lazm 7mayaat mstahlk

    aww you should print the email from japan and show them with a mad tone
    I did that when they didnt wana fix my iphone in one of the companies and they did without even looking at my papers the next time ^_^

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      Ee wallah chan zain.. I think they’re allowing imported cars that’s what I heard ams I’ll go n chk lEt me know pls.. I have to service my car soon

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