A Walk around The Sultan Center Sha’ab [*100+ pics*]

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We were invited to cover the opening of the New Sultan Center Sha’ab park branch. Its like a shopping center out of Kuwait, I’m really glad they have something of this standard here ! Everything was new, you get food thats imported from France, the US and the UK, as well as load of other different places. The whole place gives you a feeling of freshness and good health. When you step through the entrance you’re greeted by the green, red, yellow, fruit and vegges.

The first thing that caught my eyes were the free-range egg and diary products (which is on its way to being organic) in home grown and raised in wafra farms in the south of Kuwait. They had a very nice and interesting setup. They also had Kuwait – grown grapes, which tasted really good.



Here are some photos of all the greens and reds and yellows and oranges that great you on your way in! They had a whole section of mangoes they smelled sooooo good!



Something really new to me, Yellow Seedless Watermelons !



Of-course this Sultan Center is different from any other, where they have incorporated some dine-in areas, where shoppers can come in and have something to eat while they are doing their shopping – for me this is super :P, I can do my groceries and take my wife out dinner in 1 go 😛 and they had different types of foods for all the different tastes!

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The Seating Area :



We also had a chance to meet Chef Ahmed AlBader preparing some great treats! The preparations looked so good my stomach was sending red-alert messages 😛 Its true when they say a picture is worth a thousand words, check these ones out!



Here is the fish corner – they really took their time to decorate the display, great work!



Here are some of photos I took walking around, huge selection of goods to choose from!




Towards the end of the tour we see :



I think i’ve spotted MeenaKon on her way in while I was walking to the car. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to stay until the opening at 7, and she had some great photos check it out here .



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