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The other day i was buying diapers for my son and I noticed something somewhat nice from Pampers.

For each bag of pampers bought, pampers donates enough to vaccinate a pregnant woman in developing countries to reduce or eliminate the risk of the baby obtaining life threating diseases.


So make sure if you buy pampers, that it has the label that says 1 pack = 1 vaccine, so that you too can make a difference. I got the pack from A G mart last time, as well as the coops around Kuwait.

For more information please make sure you visit their website, help make a difference! :

NB:: Please visit the site and click for on the +1 to make a diffenece as their disclamer stated the following :

“When you buy Pampers products marked with the logo of UNICEF, helping Pampers and UNICEF tetanus vaccine against women of childbearing age in developing countries. Two doses of vaccine given during pregnancy a woman enough to her and her child were safe during the birth and 2 months after him. For each purchased package of Pampers pack bearing the UNICEF logo, and for each click in the period between 25.02.2011 and 30.04.2011 on this site, Pampers will provide UNICEF the money ($ 0.07) for the purchase of a vaccine against newborn tetanus. Maximum number of vaccines to be collected through activities on this site is 150,000. Pampers UNICEF support. UNICEF does not endorse any brand or product.”


Until now there are only 130 clicks on the site.. Please enter and click, it’ll only take you 20 seconds max. Click on the icon shown in the picture below!

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      Yeah i guess so, i didn’t know that earlier though.. Guess at least i’ll b happy buying from them since they support a good cause!

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