New GMC Terrain from GMC Kuwait

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The New GMC Terrain was launched last Tuesday, and is availble in their showrooms, currently there are 4 main models available, the v4 w/fabric interior, the V6 w/Fabric interior, the V6 Leather interior + sunroof and the pimped out V6 with all chrome and a different interior decor. Currently only the two base models are available in their showrooms. Quite modern and userfriendly interior, I didn’t take it for a test drive as I was on a hurry on the way back from work, but i managed to get some great shots and talked to sales rep. Read on for more info :


The prices are as follows :

1. 4 Cylinder SLE base model : 7699 KWD

2. 6 Cylinder SLE Base Model : 8299 KWD

3. 6 Cylinder w/leather, and sunroof 9599 KWD

4. 6 Cylinder w/leather, sunroof, navigation and chrome outlines 10999 KWD


Here are some of the photos I took at their showrooms,

PS: I was amazed to see it was totally ok with them for me to take photos of the car without having to talk to anyone or do anything, just point and shoot! Thank you GMC Kuwait, I hope all showrooms are photographer friendly like yours. 😀




This is a video of most of the features that are available in the full option SLT Terrain :
For more information, you can contact the local dealer at :  1884411

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      It is, the dimensions are great.. It looks a lot more sturdier as well as on the ground.. If you know what i mean.. i liked it.. I thought the prices were a bit high though.. The interior is cool and modern, but i’m still waiting for the full option leather one to be displayed!

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