Update: Photos of the Sandstorm in Kuwait 25 March 2011

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I was actually just coming out of Center Point shuwaik, when me and my wife first noticed a huge smoke like cloud. It wasn’t just brown it was brown black and looked pretty freaky.. I called home and asked them to open up the new channels, but they said nothing was on. We went in the car and after a little while.. It was a total blackout. We had to drive from Shuwaikh back to my parents place in Salwa. Thank good I had a GPS inside my car, you have no idea how hard it is to see through the dust. It was an unbelievable experience.


Here are some of the photos  :


Here it just started to hit us :


Then it was a total blackout  – you couldn’t See the exit signs when u are right under them  :




The view was a little worst that whats shown on these photos!


This is what the signs looked like.. We were closer than 50 Meteres here.

The view outside the windsheild!

On the way home on the 6th ring road!

Very Tricky to navigate with all the dust and cars


Looking out the window to look to the right or left was useless :s

Still on the 6th Ring Road :


The View from the passenger’s side :

On Fahaheel Express : The wind was literally against us and was really moving the car around!



I hope everyone is safe


NB: Please don’t go out its not worth it. Wait till the weather clears up a little!

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