Need to know where to repair your mobile or tablet in Kuwait?

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There are many options available to repair mobile phones and tablets in Kuwait, some of the well-known accessory shops in Kuwait all have mobile repair options and would come to your house and repair your device for you at market rates. Usually, if it is a clear issue such as a battery replacement or replacing a broken screen it’s easy to call and get the rates from the different shops.

However unfortunately for me, my case was a little more complex so I decided to actually go to the repair locations on-site for them to repair my daughter’s iPad pro, which for some reason stopped charging altogether. (one of the main reasons would be that she was using non-apple and USB-C laptop chargers to charge her iPad and she also kept charging her iPad while she was still using it).

Where to find repair shops in Hawally?

Hawally is well known to host a vast array of electronic repair shops and you can find all sorts of electronic repair shops ranging from household electronics to delicate electronics, computers, tablets, and mobile phones. This time around I visited a building that has many wholesale accessory shops for mobiles and tablets in the basement as well as about 4-5 repair shops on the ground floor but you have to walk to the back to find the repair shops all next to each other.

The building is in Ibn-Khaldoon Street about 3 buildings before Luluat bin Khaldoon and this is what the building looks like from the outside:

Photo courtesy of Kuwait Finder (GIS)

Here’s the Kuwait Finder Direct Location to the building:

Here’s the Google Maps link to the building :

Here’s the name of the Shop: U.S Workshop (Unlimited Service Workshop)

I went to two shops before deciding to try the US workshop and it’s the one I felt most comfortable leaving my device with tbh. They called and were clear of the items that needed replacing as well as the cost before they did the repair job, as it cost around 35K.D to replace a couple of components that are associated with the power ICU. Although they had to take off the screen to fix, you couldn’t tell that the screen was even removed and the iPad back to life again. Will definitely make sure to go to them for any future repairs. They have a mobile repair option for smaller jobs.

Here are the contact numbers for the workshop:

Mobile: +965 98819333, +965 98819444 or whatsapp: +965 96677852

Or find them on Instagram here

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