Garage Review: Friends Auto Works – Arif’s Garage

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Last month I was In need of replacing my Chevy Silverado’s engine mounts, and to be honest the dealership’s quote was a little expensive and misleading at the same time, as they gave me a quote however they didn’t have the right parts that I wanted for my car’s model. I was at Auto1 for a wheel alignment and the guys there recommended Arif’s Garage as an all-in-one mechanic for GM vehicles and work on engines, transfer cases, the works.

The job took around 4 hours and I can say that they did quite a good job at it and I ended up paying 40% of what I would’ve paid at the dealership without having to keep my car overnight (got the parts from Ahlia also known as Auto1 in Shuwaikh – Canada Dry Road). The only thing I didn’t like was the fact that they didn’t mind pouring water into the coolant reservoir which I thought was very unprofessional as I try to keep the liquids in check and all following the manufacturer’s instructions. So it was good I was there at the time and instructed them not to pour water and went and purchased some AC Delco coolant and got back to them to finish the job.

The location of the shop is close to Abyat and just past the AlKazi’s dealership/garage as seen here below:

Or If you like you can find the Kuwait Finder Link here

All in all, I would rate them 4 out of 5 stars, mainly due to the size and occupancy of the garage, and the fact that I didn’t want to keep my car at the shop overnight. The technicians spoke ok English and knew good Arabic as well, prices are around the moderate range, but it was a big task. I would ask around to gauge market prices first, workmanship was overall ok. Make sure to keep your windows and doors shut as they also clean a lot of engine blocks using petrol/diesel and because it’s a small shop, the smell would stick to your car’s interior.

Here’s Arif’s Number for those who would like to inquire further: +965 65196164

NB: This was not a paid/sponsored review, I liked their work and decided to share (I paid for all work out of pocket).

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