New WordPress 3.9 Update

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On April  16 WordPress released WordPress 3.9 “Jimmy Smith’ update, it showcased many different updates that make it easier to edit and view your final post and its layout before publishing. 


This video sums up the main differences you will be noticing with the update :


The following are the main changes that took place : 



  • A smoother media editing experience
    • Improved visual editing – speed, accessibility, and mobile support
    • Edit images easily – quicker access to crop and rotation tools, scale images directly in the editor
    • Drag and drop your images right onto the editor
    • Image gallery previews right in the editor
    • Showcase music and clips with simple audio and video playlists
    • Live widget and header image previews in the Customizer
    • Stunning new theme browser
  • For Developers
    • Themes can now use HTML5 markup for captions and galleries
    • Inline code documentation for action and filter hooks, and media manager and customizer APIs
    • External libraries have been updated
    • Improved database layer
    • New utility functions

What’s New


  • The “update” message has been restored to the dashboard


  • Add “Return to post editor” link from Revisions screen
  • A “View Post” link will now show for any post an author can read
  • Distraction Free Writing mode is now responsive to any size device


  • Edit images from the Add Media modal
  • Improvements to the “Attach Media” pop-up interface
  • Better support for auto-playing videos
  • Drag and Drop files into the editor
  • Full-screen Drag and Drop zone in Distraction Free Writing
  • Embed support added for imgur and


I just updated and i’m starting to play around with it, nothing out of the ordinary, on the last update there was an issue with the publish button, it took forever to publish, I’ll be testing this out today and checking the responsiveness.

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