Free CAP Upgrade from ZAIN !

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Zain introduced their updated CAP policies yesterday, and that means good news to anyone who has a current plan or anyone planning on buying a new one. All existing customers were automatically upgraded to the new plans.

Zain New Internet

A couple of months back the smartphone package was increased to 30 GB from the previous 12 GBs, we all predicted that there might be a change, but we never though the change would be so Amazing! 300 GB’s per month is by far one of the highest cap allowance available in the market today, compared to the Kuwaiti market, both the other two companies don’t have anything as good as this right now. As well as the fact that you do get 4G coverage nationwide and an overall better coverage in many areas in Kuwait.

Even better, there’s no daily limit, and if you consume your cap you can simply buy more, which was a limitation with a couple of other Telecom providers.

The main changes were for the subscribers who had the following CAPS :

2 GB -> 6 GB

35 GB -> 80 GB

80 GB  -> 300 GB

with the same prices!

Zain Kuwait Data Cap Upgrade

Zain Kuwait Upgrades CAP and sends SMS to customers

You can always check your CAP and usage by visiting Zain’s data portal when connected to the line you are using



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  1. Nice one Zain! Just yesterday I went to Wataniya to sign up for the 100gb a month for 10kd because I was paying 24kd with Zain for 80gb a month. Thankfully, Wataniya was “out of stock” of the offer and devices.

    Nice bump up to 300GB a month! I’m staying with Zain.

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