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We’re in the phase of installing a new Kitchen, but we’re not really sure where to look. Om ya3goub is looking for something made of wood, something like Ikea’s kitchens. We went and saw them, but we’re not 100% sure that they are exactly what we want  + their prices were a little over the top.

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  1. I’ve seen on Waseet the other day AlQattan kitchens, address written as behind the banks street in Shuaikh (not sure where exactly the shop is, I think if you ask about it, you will find it) in the ad, they mentioned the starting price us 48kd per meter. Mwafag.

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  2. From my experience in kitchens I’d say go for Ikea. They might be a bit expensive but they are not as expensive as modern German or Italian ones in terms of price per metre. In comparision I’d say you would be having a bargain with Ikea with lots of options and accessories and add ons. I actually had a kitchen installed then moved and took my kitchen and added a few bits an pieces to it and it is still sturdy and looks brand new.

    I think abyat also have a pretty decent price per metre for good kitchen designs but I’m not sure if its cheaper than Ikea or not.

  3. check out magnet in suncity they have 3 different brands, you should find something within your price range over there and the good thing is they all are good quality kitchens that are movable the ones i have i moved them from the house to the chalet with no problems at all (they come do it for you)

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