We Are BACK! عدنا

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At last, we managed to fix the RSS and some encoding issues that we had! It took us quite some time but here we are.

We are now officially :

We’ll  be returning some of the widgets we had on the right tomorrow morning, as i’m kinda looking for altenatives to what we already had. The most important thing for me now is the fact that RSS feeds are working fine, and now you should be able to use our site with your favorite RSS reader. I suggest Google Reader!


..لقد عدنا رسميا! كانت لدينا بعض المشاكل المتعلقة في برمجة المدونة و تم و لله الحمد حل هذه المشاكل المتعددة


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  1. Finally welcome back! I missed my 7ajidude dosage today! And I don’t know but something feels different here :/ Maybe the space feels wider or something!

    Can’t wait until it all functions and thank god now I can see your full posts in Google Reader!

    1. Post

      Thanks! We knew we had an issue, i had to backup, take down and re-install the whole site. It was a code issue and I tried fixing it a couple of time, a couple of pros tried but it didn’t work. So I decided to do it the old fasion way, backup, take down, restore and personalize. 😀

      Getting posts on RSS readers was my main concern and thanks god it worked fine!

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