Tutorial: How to change your iPhone’s APN after a Carrier Update! كيف تغير اعدادات ال اي فون للانترنت بعد تحديثات الشبكة التلقائية

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Updated to the latest Version on your iphone? Received carrier settings and the internet suddenly stopped working? We’ll you can simply -UnlockIt!-

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  1. Does not work on ios iphone 4 version 4.3.4 says cannot install profile only one profile can be installed, when i checked back there are no profiles installed in the first place

    1. Post

      Actually it does, all you have to do is remove the access point first and then install the new APN, its because the carrier settings already have an APN installed.

      بالعكس اخي العزيز فقط اعمل رموف للاي بي ان و اعمل الخطوات الموجودة..

      please try it out and tell me how it goes with you..

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