Zain’s Social Media Day 2014

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Every year we got used to celebrating the Social Media day with Zain, and each year they celebrate a better event than the year before!

This year it was in the new Prestige Ballroom in the Avenues, quite a nice hall for the occasion!

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It started off with an introduction by the our friend Mohammed AlMuhaini, from Zain’s Social Media Team

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Then we had a number of speakers throughout the day and started the sessions with Dr. Noor AlRamadhan.

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She talked about the importance of Social Media, and its impact on our society, she also warned her fellow doctors not to diagnose patients via instagram, and to take the issues seriously as it could affect people’s lives.

The next session was by the Information Security Expert Ali Alhabshi, he talked about the importance of using complex passwords, double verification, and other online security percautions that have to be made in order to secure yourself online.

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The team from Deera App also introduced their application and explained that they would like more collaboration with their app as it was a community project and needed a lot more collaboration from all the people that care for Kuwait.

The finale of the event was a speech by Lieutenant Colonel Yousef AlHabib from the Cyber Crime unit from the Ministry of Interior and he talked to us about electronic crime, identity theft and gave us a general awareness session with regards to online security and the role of the Cyber Crime unit.

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The MC of the Event was MicEmbalta3, his character and persona gave life to the event, he was supported by Ahmed Alajeel as the DJ and  Hamza

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Here are some shots of the people that were in the event.. don’t forget to share the link with your friends if you find them in the photos!

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