Why YOU should try the GulfRun simulator!

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Ok, coming from the guy who came last (btw: i didn’t know they were going to rank us! I would’ve had a second try at least :P)  it was quite an interesting experience. I’m used to playing driving games, i’m a huge GT fan, however this was totally different. To be honest I totally underestimated the game, i thought it was just another driving simulator, similar to GT, or forza, it wasn’t! In my first lap I tried to drive like I usually do, 1 hand on the steering wheel and the other on the shift knob.. That totally didn’t work and I ended up creating  a new track on the grass 😛


Was it realistic?

Hell yeah! The pedals were tied up to adjustable weights to simulate what it actually be like in a racing car, this type of  simulator is used by Formula one test drivers to learn and understand tracks before they go out on the track and burn rubber, and they can do as many laps as they like without the cost of new tires, brake pads and other parts!


Another point is you have to be under 95 KG’s (i think) to try it out.. why? There are hydraulic actuators that move the seat according to the motion of the car, taking it from a two dimensional experience to a 3D experience, add a scent of some burning rubber and you’re in the real thing 😛  The seat kinda takes you to another level, hoever good you may be in driving simulator, being thrown from one side to another is a totally different experience, which can throw you off guard, especially when also trying to grip the steering wheel and maneuver the shift knob (which for me seemed to be the opposite way around, up shifting was downwards, and down shifting was upwards :s) .


Why you should try it?

If you haven’t been on a track, which i haven’t, and don’t want to spend a fortune going and messing up your car, you can simply go to Baroue and try GulfRun’s simulator, at least you can have a taste of what it feels like for 2.5 KD.



Who should try it ?

Everyone.. I heard that the younger generation (12-16) have been scoring good numbers, and are doing pretty well there. It was a blogger’s only event but you can see people queuing up to try it out and asking when it will be open to the public!


Where is it located:


Avenues -> Baroue -> first floor -> right next to the entrance


Special Thank you :

To marZouq and the guys at gulf run, and all the other bloggers that made it that day! BTW a re-match would be highly appreciated 😛 & Q8stig for the photos (forgot my camera that day 🙁 )


For more information and coverage, checkout these Blogs (send me a link if you have additional coverage) :








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