Why NOT to Reset Your Mada SOHO Router!

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Today I decided to test out the Mada Router they gave us for review last month in a couple of different locations. Unfortunately I forgot the WiFi Password and decided to reset the device, I assumed that it would be as simple as calling them up and asking them for instructions on how to set it up afterwords.

However, when I called, the only solution was that I have to take the device to them to re-program, their office hours are from 9-4, which are problematic since I work from 8-4. Mada – > You have to offer a better solution to this problem! I’m sure I can follow some of their simple instructions for setup over the phone, however for some reason they refused and would only help me if I took the device all they way to their workshop in Kuwait City to setup, which don’t work in the afternoon!!!!


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  1. same thing happened to me when i first got it, they told me to go visit their office and they gave me their address. I went there, and I was told they changed their office location. luckily it was a couple of buildings away, but still you’d expect better customer care.

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      Exactly.. i think they should unify a message that will get you to the right place! Its not that difficult. Also, a google maps location would be highly appreciated.

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          to be honest, i’m not entirely sure as i’ve stopped using it because I was able to get DSL in my home :/ U can always call their call center they will guide you through it.

  2. I done that mistake
    I play with the router ip address
    the router not able to login anymore

    I guess what could happen if I reset it. it may come to original setting

    when I done that the router is totally lost
    1st try with the call centre: more the router to another place
    what the F*** I reset it I just need the setting it was working on the same place moving it will not effect

    I call again another guy tell me the only way to install the mada setting is to bring the device to the hawaly office today is friday not our working hours. come tomorrow after 4PM

    what a support. so I will use my phone net for more then 24 hour to resolve this

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      unfortunately thats how they operate.. and thats how they will be loosing more and more customers in the long run.. I told them I was a computer engineer and I just need the settings I can do everything on the phone but for some reason they fear giving us the settings!

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