Where to Buy Kayaks in Kuwait?

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I’ve been looking for a place that sells Kayak’s in Kuwait, so far I went to AlSabeeh and AlShaya Marine, Alsabeeh Marine is out of stock and AlShaya don’t carry them anymore. Does anyone know where I can get affordable Kayaks in Kuwait?


Im mainly looking for something like the Malibu 2 XL by Ocean a two seater model. Unfortunately their suggested retail price is around 900 USD online, here they are out of stock and sell for around 370 KD!

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      Hello Moudhi,

      I contacted al Sabih, they are out of stock and should have them by the end of the month, prices are from 250 – 400 KWD depending on the model. I’m going for the 2 seater Malibu 2 XL model from Ocean. Just waiting for them to get re-stocked. I’ll post up another post if its available.

  2. hello,
    iv been looking to buy a single seat kayak! i actually found two stores that has them so far. alsabih marina and a store right next to it, but i didn’t find a double seater.
    hope that helps.

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      Hey, yeah I checked them out, they called me up they had 1 piece left for the Ocean Kayak (malibu 2 Xl) for 380 KD ! It was too much and it was the beginning of Ramadan so i didn’t take it.

  3. Hi
    I am looking also for buying a canoe kayak
    Used i thingh or new but in kuwait it not easy to find one
    By the way….
    Thanks for all

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