Where can I can realllllyyy good Tikka in Kuwait?

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If you read earlier I wrote about the Dukan Diet, we’ll i’ve been on it for just under two weeks now and the results are promising. Its based on pure protein diets (meat, fish, poultry) in the first phase, then you can mix in veggies (1 day pure protein 1 day protein with green veggies) and it goes on to two more phases.

So.. I need a nice place that’s family friendly and serves the perfect tikka since I don’t have many dining options and I really like a good grilled meal (both meat and chicken) what do you recommend???

I tried one in the avenues but can’t remember its name it was quite good, i think it was located opposite to lacoste in the corner (not 100% sure though).

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      I find Chicken tikka too greasy but still tastes good – althogh not very diet friendly.. Thanks for your recommendation and passing by

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