Whats the cheapest way to ship from the US to Kuwait ?

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Its been on my mind for some time now, I need to order 4 new tires for my car, + a spare RIM and Tire! Each Rim weighs around 31 LBS (apprx 14 KG) and each tire weighs around 52 LBS (approx. 23 KG). The other major problem is that the cost of shipping is around 4 times more than the cost of the the items. The spare Rim costs 35 KD + (78 KD shipping), each tire will cost me around 225 USD x5 =1125  (Shipping costs approx. = 638 KWD) if using normal shipping via aramex i.e. way more than it would normally cost me :s ).












I’ve been told you can do another sort of shipping if its more than 40 KG, i’ll give them a call tomorrow to check. If any of you know where I can get Nittos here in Kuwait, please do let me know. I’ve checked a few places, including ORP and Summit, but they don’t have the size and type i want. I want Nittos due to the higher speed ratings on the tires (SR rating  = 180 Km/h), all other similar tires (all terrain tires) have a max speed rating of 160 Km/h which isn’t what i’m looking for :D.

Facts and figures :

Tire Size i’m looking for : 305/60/R18

Total Weight of 5 tires : 23*5 = 115 KG

1 Moto Metal 18″ Rim : Weight = 14 KG

Total weight = 129 KG



I called Aramex today, gave them my number but they never called back :s .. Gotta wait till after the eid break I guess 😀

Happy holidays everyone!

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  1. cheapest way to order wheels and tires is via tirerack.com
    Thats how i ordered my tires and wheels for my wrangler, FJ and beemer.

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      I checked, they dont carry Nitto Tyres :s gotta look for alternatives. Did customs give you a hassle or was it straight forward ?

  2. I’ve ordered 5 tires (285/55/18) from tirerack.com directly, shipping cost through fedex was around $350 only.

    6la3at 3alay eltowayer + shippong + jamarek arkha9 mn yokohama dealership eb 30% (ely a9lan ma 3inda/khalsa hal towayer)

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      Really.. Cool.. I was using tirerack.com alot for my research hehe.. Thats great news! I’ll check em out today and maybe i’ll submit an order.. Thanks alot!

  3. Wallah Ana ma a3rf btwayr bs I changed from aramex to posta plus much cheaper oo faster try them oo I posted about them in my blog 🙂

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  4. I usually ship with Zajel Express they charge me for the half kg 1.750 and they
    Store my item until I asked them to ship it . They ship cars too using container and if I asked them to ship my big items like tires they ship it with cars in the container

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