Wait for the S5 or Upgrade to the Note 3?

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I’ve always loved the Note, ever since the note 2, I liked the longer battery life, the larger than life display, the crisp screen, in my point of view you don’t really use the stylus a lot, its very useful when trying to illustrate on a map or jot down quick notes sometimes.

However I just got the S4 maybe 3-4 months back and i’m not really sure if its a worthwhile upgrade. There are speculations that there might be a Samsung S5 in the horizon, rumors say that the release date would be in Q1 of 2014, that leaves us with about 2 more months maximum. Is it worth upgrading the S4 to Note 3 I wonder ? The market price for the Note 3 would be about 179 (from Hatef 2000), and the resale value for the S4 i presume would be between 80-100KD, so It will approximately cost me 100 for an upgrade which might or might not be worthwhile, just like what happened when I got the Note 2, a couple if months later and we got the LTE enabled S4, and I had to move to LTE.

What also makes this a harder choice are the rumors for the upcoming S5 :

  • 2K 5.25″ Resolution screen from Sharp, dumping the AMOLED
  • New Samsung 64-Bit Exynos Chip
  • Iris Scanning technology
  • Metal/Aluminum/Semi-Rugged Body, water and dust proof
  • Improved 16 MP Camera

The main key attractors in those rumors are the screen resolution, and the 64-Bit Exynos chip which should take multitasking to another level. The Camera, rugged body are an added benefit. Some reports say that the launch may be in the Mobile World Congress that’s going to be held in Barcelona in February. You never know.. I guess I might wait a couple of more months to the new Note 4, which might feature a three sided display. So many rumors these days you wouldn’t know what to believe!



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