To Tint, or Not to Tint : That is the question !

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I’m looking to tint the windows of my wife’s VW touareg, there are so many new companies out there I don’t know who I should go with. What i’m looking for is the lightest possible tint with the most protection from UV and infrared rays, in order to ensure that:

1. She will not get stopped by the police

2. I will not have to remove it when I renew the car’s registration and

3. It has to reduce the amount of heat coming into the car dramatically.


My car is tinted, but since mine has Saudi licsence plate numbers tinting isn’t an issue and there is a huge difference between my car and hers in the morning sun. However for my wife’s car i’m looking for something as clear as possible with the highest degree of heat reduction and UV rays reduction.

What do you recommend? Can anyone recommend a specific brand or company and state their reasons please ? I’d be grateful.



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  1. She will be stopped by the police if you tinted the front 7ata lo khafef! you need tarkhee9 for that bas wara 3adi!

    But I recommend 25%. I was stopped once by the police bas kent 9afe6 my car so shelt elmokhalafa.

    Sawoliya Lumar w el7emdellah I cant complain! When you go there, you might want to ask them not to stick their logo on the back of the car.

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      Thanks, i’m thinking of doing even lower, I passed by 3M, they have some nearly clear tint, he says you wouldn’t notice the difference with it on the car, i’m not so sure about that, but i’m looking for the clearest possible tint with maximum protection. With the Touareg, the seating arrangment is a little close to the front window and you do get to feel the heat a little hehe.. I’m comparing it to my car, which has nearly a clear tint, but I got mine from the dealer in KSA and I had Saudi number plates still hehe.. So i can’t really tell whats ok or not..

  2. I have tried every tint company in Kuwait and know their sources thoroughly!

    To get the best heat reduction and the clearest tint contact Huperoptik 24719999

    Ask for the 70% tint (5% is the darkest and 70% is the lightest) Its the best tint because its almost clear and I have it on two cars and I never get stopped by police and I just had my car renewed without any issues! They have the Nanoceramic tint which doesn’t interfere with your GPS or phone signal like the other normal tints!

    On my landcruiser I have 40% which is decently dark but the tint is clear so I can easily see outside, but I know the risk I am taking!

    They also have the best customer services! Stay away from Lumar or any variant of that brand in Kuwait! They damaged my car and didn’t offer to fix it with the manager there, I fixed it at the dealer myself!

    Sorry for the long comment! Contact me if you wany any more details! The first thing I usually do is tint my car or any vehicle as soon as I have it! lol

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  3. Ive tried lumar on all my cars, their work and the finishing is just professional. they have varity of tints colors refelctions darkness.

    i heared alot about huper optik as well but didnt try it yet

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