Time for a little mobility with the Macbook Air

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I am what you can call somewhat of a Geek when it comes to technology, and computers in general. I have to have the best specs possible on the device that i’m using, which for my daily uses isn’t really a necessity.

I have a gaming home built pc at home and a really heavy 17″ gaming laptop (the MSI Dragon 2). The specs on the MSI are incredible, but the thing is, the PC + its charger weigh more than 6 KGs. Thats too much especially that I carry it with me wherever I go, and take it with me to work daily!

I decided that I had to change and get something a lot lighter as it was becoming a little bit of a hassle carrying it with me everyday + i get to feel like i’m really abusing it carrying it around on my shoulders everyday as 1. there isn’t much of a variety of bags that offer enough protection for the laptop, and 2. Its too big anyway and I do tend to knock it around a little.

Let me show you a comparison of before and after the change :

Here’s the top view of the difference between the Macbook air and MSI dragon 2  :

MSI Dragon 2 VS Macbook Air


Heres the funny part, the side view, the macbook air is as thick as the MSI’s screen alone!

MSI Dragon 2 VS Macbook Air


MSI Dragon 2 VS Macbook Air 2

I know performance wise I wouldn’t get even close to the MSI dragon, but for blogging on the go, reviewing my files, simple photo editing, the macbook air is more than enough! My last apple was a 2004 Macbook (it was the black one) it costs more than a lot of laptops that are currently in the market today, but i really liked it back then, then i switched to windows 7 with the Alienware M14x, great laptop too, then the MSI and now to be complemented with the macbook Air – (not replaced).

I’ll be using it and i’ll write back my updates within a week 😀

For all you mac users out there.. What are the applications you cannot live without and recommend I install on my MB Air ?


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