The Ultimate Password Manager for Windows, Mac, iOs and Android

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1Password – No More Sticky Notes from AgileBits on Vimeo.


I’ve been using 1Password password manager for saving my passwords for more than 3 years now, can’t live without it! (Technically I can but will reset a lot of my passwords and will refer to a lot of emails to remember my login credentials for different sites.)

Today a lot of us have at least 3 emails, 1 instagram account, 1 twitter account, Amazon, ebay, 2 Bank Accounts, Work login account and the list goes on. It’s just so many emails and logins and you will forget one sooner or later. I use 1password, both on my windows devices and my Macbook Air and android and iOs (it’s not as good on Android as it is on iOs! – but the windows version is perfectly fine!)

Basically, you can save your current passwords on your computer (in a local encrypted file) or store that encrypted file on storage platforms such as dropbox and access to that through different devices and platforms.

1 password Browser Plugin 1 Password

You then install browser plugins that will automatically capture login data or that can generate credentials for you based on the level of difficulty that you choose and voila! The only downside of generated passwords is that you will need one password to logon, and it won’t be via memory as the password would be as complex as can be.

Where to find it ?


Which Version to Choose ?


I would personally recommend buying the 1Password Mac + Windows bundle if you use multiple platforms, it’s just $20 more but whenever you choose to change your OS, you will have your trusted application to use with you at no additional cost.

I highly recommend using it, and would be glad to answer any of your questions about it here!


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