The Ultimate HDMI Hub for Your Home Entertainment System

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I’ve been looking around for one of these in Kuwait but haven’t found any, provide standard HDMI switching, but no Optical audio switching, which is what i’m basically looking for! I’d love to connect all my input sources to my Home Surround System as well as my TV so I need one with HDMI and at least an Optical Audio output I can connect to the sound system.


This first box is from Octava, seems like the most professional of all the ones listed here but is also around 8 times more expensive, setting you back around 280 USD.


These are some of the ones on blink (but they only support HDMI without the Optical Audio Output):


I found the following one  on Amazon, Reviews weren’t all that good but the price was good:

4X1 HDMI 1.3b Certified Switcher with Toslink & Digital SPDIF port

Link on Amazon





This one had a couple of poor reviews regarding the sound output, but the price is fairly inexpensive.

ViewHD 4 Port 3D HDMI 4×1 Powered Switcher with SPDIF Optical and 3.5mmt Jack Stereo for 5.1CH or 2CH Audio Output

Link on Amazon







This one seems to be the one i’m most likely going to buy, the price is good + it had 2 HDMI outputs so that if you wish you can divert all your inputs to a second monitor.


J-Tech Digital Premium Quality Most Advanced HDMI 4×2 Matrix Ver 1.3 Certified for Full HD 1080P Support 3D with SPDIF Digital Surround Sound or Hi-Fi Stereo Audio Output

5.0 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (3 customer reviews) | Like(1)

Link on Amazon




ViewHD Premium 3D HDMI 4×2 Matrix v1.3 for HD 1080P with SPDIF Digital Surround or Hi-Fi Stereo Audio Output (The most versatile HDMI 4×2 Matrix for Home Theater!)

3.9 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (24 customer reviews) | Like(8)

Link on amazon

This is nearly exactly the same as the one above however it had more reviews on Amazon.

If any of you have any suggestions on types that would also include at least an option for 4 HDMI inputs and an Optical Audio Output from the device but takes its signal from the HDMI cable please do let me know, i’ll be doing some more research and perhaps look around a little in Hawally.

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