The Ultimate HDD Docking Station

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I have a couple of older hard disks lying around, instead of buying a case for each and every one I decided to buy something that will allow me to connect more than one hard disk at once, + its USB 3.0 compatible and allows you to connect 2.5″ HDDs and 3.5″ HDDs. 

Meet the Startech HDD Adapter 

Startech adapter Startech2

It Comes with a Built in Fan and a Fan controller that will cool down the hard disks, as well as individual on-off switches for the hard disks which make life easier than removing and installing the drives. Great tool for backing up you computer to multiple hard disks, all of our lives and memories are stored digitally, one bad hard disk can cost you priceless memories! Do beware, the box is quite big and ordering it online might cost you a lot more due to the shipping size and weight of this item. 

To find more visit the product page at amazon here

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      A NAS storage box is quite expensive.. But would be great especially those with a raid configuration where u can swap out damaged hard disks (if u have 4) 1 can fail and u wont loose any data..

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